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Prices start at $10,000 fully converted. 

The cost of gas is always going up. Your gas cooker is now costing around $60 dollars a week, that's $3100 a year to run your cooker; if you're on LPG bottled gas, then your cooker is costing over $140 a week to run and costing $7280 running it year round.

With our Electric conversion, your gas bill will plummet.

With our conversion, you have complete control over how much or little the cooker costs you to run, only taking around an hour to heat up. You don't need to leave it on like conventional gas AGA cookers that can take up to 7 hours to reach full temperature. We have averaged that in as little as 3.5 years; you will have made back the conversion costs through saved money from your gas bill, based on current gas rates. It gets even better if you have solar installed, as you can utilise this to offset the electric usage, meaning your running costs could be substantially dropped to work out to be minimal. So, if you would like more information or to book in, please email us today to discuss your AGA cooker.

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See what one of our clients has said about their converted AGA.


Anne Allestree Vic

I can highly recommend this company, my old 50s AGA had been sitting dormat in our kitchen for around 30 years when my parents use to use It before I took over the house. When I Became aware that a electric conversion was possible I contacted the aga shop in Melbourne and was given lukes name and number from Marvel gas. He and Thomas spent 2 days here and I now have a amazing 21st century fully electric 4 oven cooker. The boiling plate and simmering plates are controlled individually, and the roasting/baking oven are controlled together and so is the warming/slow cooker ovens.

The information and advice given by luke and Thomas has been great and the follow up service and support have been fantastic

Five stars…

Thank you Luke and Thomas